How to Opt for a Career Change

If you have decided to quit your job for a career change, this decision in itself might be a tough one. The first thing to do is to take some time to make a proper decision. The key is not to be too hasty. It would be the time to consider whether you are looking to quit your current job and wish to continue in the same field. You might also be considering going for a different field. The tips below might come handy.

Should you quit?

Quitting your current job will constitute of a life change in various ways. It will also give rise to new challenges. However, if this change is really the best solution for your professional advancement, then it will be worthwhile.

Making the best of your current job

In case you are not able to quit your job for the time being, you might instead want to make the most of it. For instance, you might be having monthly expenses such as a mortgage that require a regular income. If you would not be able to survive without your regular income for a temporary basis, you might consider putting off quitting your job before getting a new one.

Protect your health insurance coverage

Once you have quit your job, your employer will stop your group health insurance subscription. In the USA, there exist two Federal laws to protect against the loss of a health insurance coverage, the COBRA and HIPAA. The first one lets you continue your current coverage and the HiPAA allows you to get a new one through your spouse or new employer.