Top 4 Interview Tips

Securing an interview with a company that you are interested in working for is an achievement in itself. The next step would be to impress the interviewers and to show your genuine determination in winning this job. The tips below might help you to make a good impression.

Dressing appropriately

For the majority of job interviews, except when it is in a casual environment, it is crucial that the applicant looks polished and professional. The style of your attire may however vary depending on the position and type of company. For instance, for a non-professional job business casual clothing is appropriate. Startups would be favoring a more casual professional garb that exudes the personality of the applicant.

Being punctual

Punctuality is key to just about any job interview. It shows the person’s interest and value for the time of the interviewers. It also shows some great time management skills. In case of a delay in attending the job interview, it is better to call ahead and to apologize for the delay rather than getting there late.

Turn your phone off

Silencing your phone and not having it in your hands during the interview is a sign that you are genuinely interested. If you are expecting important calls, you may want to call people beforehand to explain that you will be out of reach for about half an hour.


Carrying out a good research on the company’s goals and objectives and past achievements will provide you with an edge during the interview. This will also help you understand the implications of the job that the company is proposing.