Jack of all Trades, Master of One: How Many Languages Should App Developers Know?

The mobile app developers Los Angeles community has become a media giant over the past decade, but developers still can’t agree on what languages and skills prospective developers should know. In the confusing whirlwind of languages, engines, and other app development software available, where should you start? Should developers know many languages or focus on learning one language in-depth?

The answer is, inevitably, both. An iPhone app development company Los Angeles will list several wanted skills in the form of codes, but it’s less about knowing the actual codes than knowing the logic that goes into them.

While some programming languages are very different than others, none of the major app development languages are completely detached from the others. Most programming languages share several of the same rules, and it’s usually fairly easy to “translate” code to another language once a developer has learned the foundations of coding through learning to implement their first language. Android app development is a means to an end using whatever language and engine works best for the development process.

As a new app developer, don’t wait. Pick a language, find a learning method that works for you, and get started as soon as possible. Learning any popular programming language will help you develop the computer science skills that envelope the entirety of your new career or hobby. After that, other languages will naturally follow.


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